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What the FUCK?!


An explosive mixture of different topics from a theme which dominates adults all around the globe.

Let´'s talk about sex - with avoiding the style of a sexual disappeared who has to share her hormoncontrolled behaviour with the rest of the world. How could that work? Check the brandnew short story What the FUCK 

Corona no have


In which way touches COVID-19 traveler's life for those who are longtermtraveling in Southeast Asia?


Corona no have ?!

is a short story summarizing the situation of backpackers from january to april in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Atelier Pochiero


Angie's first linoleum-print is online.


Handmade with love the print comes from Rhineland Palatinate wherever your home is located.


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A beautiful short story, very well written. Thanks for the wonderful moment and the little journey. The only important thing in life are the traces of love we leave behind... I can't remember who said that, but it's so true!

(Kathrin about Nyepi minus one)



A very impressive story and your best ever! It has enriched and touched me immensely.

(Regina about Nyepi minus one)



The lyrics are written in an exciting, honest and sensitive style, in a way that captivates and allows you to participate emotionally. The casual and at the same time philosophical nature of the short story encourages fluent reading. 

A piece of Asia and the deep love of the author for different countries and cultures come directly into your living room. I hope there's more material soon!

(Anke about Corona no have)





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