Steffi Vanderfu - Founder


In February 2019 I quit my jobs, put all stuff I own in a garage and made myself a present with a onewayticket to Southeast Asia. Traveling turned in an answer to a question I'd never asked.

It came in my life and touched me in total - so it is my life now. Being on the road affects a piece of my heart I didn't know exist before. 


Beside hopping around the globe, writing developed to a passion. My short stories are a mix between philosophical considerations and an action packed roadmovie, which romps through a certain country. In the same way gentle thought-provoking impulses like funny entertainment.


Beside this, the stories offer a view of the quintessence of our existence.

Wether Traveler, Student of Economics or Daddy in a rat race and regardless of the cultural background: we all undergo inner developments and share certain topics in life. The best feedback I ever get is when people tell me they are finding themselves in my writing.



Combined with the desire to protect our wonderful planet, the idea of was born.

All contents of the short stories are protected by copyright. The buyer only acquires a license for personal use on his own terminal equipment.

Copyright infringements harm the authors and their works, therefore the further distribution, duplication or public reproduction is expressly prohibited and may have civil and/or criminal consequences.


As noticed in the shop, minimum 30 percent of all purchases fluent into a Green Project. Please check in Current Donationproject, which project we currently support.