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Steffi Vanderfu

Born and raised in Germany, but since I lost my heart in travels the whole world is my home.

 I love being affected by different humans, places and cultures, which are a corepiece of my short stories. is one of my affairs of the heart and I am full of joy finally that i finally became true.

For a long time I wrote my texts without publishing.

Which meant, that I had to maintain my motivation by myself, which was not always easy to deal with.

Now I get sweet feedback from all over the world, which is the best motivator to keep going and believe in can make a difference.


Writers want nothing so much as readers.

(Tony O'Neill in Digging the Vein

Thanks to everyone who read my short stories!

Angie Pochiero



Since my childhood I wanted to become an artist.

Today I work as a social worker and process my love for art and people in my paintings. It is almost always about interpersonal connections, whether in the family, among friends or even between supposed strangers.


I live with my daughter in a small palatine village in Germany and enjoy the daily interactions and observations that can be found in my drawings as well.

    Chantal Hendel


          If you go through the world attentively and

          with an open heart, you will encounter

          the most valuable little things. 


          Life writes the stories and I have captured some

          and wrote them down - mostly autobiographical,

          maybe with a touch of sarcasm and melancholy,

          but always genuine.

          For sure you will detect something for yourself inside. 

          I love letters and words, cause they formulate our                      world.


          There is nothing left to say, just read! 


             (Please notice: Texts only available in German)


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