Surin Project (Save Elephant Foundation)


The Surin Project is run by Save Elephant Foundation (SEF). SEF is dedicated to providing care and assistance to Thailand's captive elephant population through multificated approach involving local community outreach, rescue and rehabilitation programs, and educational ecotourism operations.


In the past the lack of employment opportunities  and the deterioration of the elephant's natural habitat have forced many mahouts (elephant owner) to take their elephants to large cities and beg on the streets. In addition, water is not clean, the quality of the food is worse.

Paired with stressful environment of the work, elephant's health is endangered - physically and psychologically.





Expanding self-sustaining eco-tourism operations that benefit local communities and ecosystems.


Incorporating project efforts into local communities.


Establish an international volunteer community.


Raising awareness regarding the plight of the Asian elephant.


The project is supported by the work of travelers, who are volunteering on site. The benefit for them is to have a form of contact to the elephants, which is non stressfull for the gentle giants (for example walking with them through the jungle, feeding them or take a bath with the elephants in the lake. The elephants can determine, how much contact they want and the mahout control as well, if their elephant feel fine with the contact.



Be the change

The more popular this form of ecotourism becomes the more welfare standards will improve for captive elephants.

By purchasing art from our shop, you support the development of a new awareness from thai locals behaviour to elephants in common.

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There you'll find informations for volunteer work as well, if you want to support the project on site.

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